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It does make more sense! TNN

Feeling shoulder pain while drawing Bow, then use Twisternock and drop the poundage on your bow…get same result!! Even better…

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620 shot of Twisternock test result by archers cross the country

Satisfaction based on scale of 10(not satisfy) to 100( very stisfay)

Questions was asked: Acuracy, consistency, overal satisfaction and recomending to others

Each archer had set of 3 Twisternock(thire choice of set up and size)

shottting destance 30 and 60 yards



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TwisterNock; Regular and Lighted, Made in USA with Precision Manufacturing. extremely durable and reliable. It delivers extreme Accuracy and with Devastating Penetration.

Now avaible in Cabela!!


HIT- Twister  HIT-Twist 2 imag2

Great combination, work with any kind of Broadhead!


Best Crossbow Source has done a great review for Sling On!

The Sling-on is a great answer to a problem that many of us deal with in terms of your weapon wanting to fall off your shoulder when slinged.

Take a look at full read here


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Best Products from ATA Show 2016

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